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Data Loading

Preloading data onto promotional USB drives is quite popular, and this service is free of charge for loading data within 300MB. A small additional charge will apply if your overall data size exceeds Free data limit.

When we load data onto your USB flash drives an extra quality check is performed on every USB, to make sure  that the USB is 100% working  properly.

Free data loading on your first 300MB.

(Excludes express service orders)

Additional options:

Custom USB Name

The Volume Label is the name assigned to the Flash Drive when the disk is initially formatted or created. We can customise this name on your request up to a maximum of eleven characters,then a customized USB name will show up in the directory instead of the default when it is plugged into a computer. Let people have the fun of impressing your organization.

Secure Partitions

Only part of the storage space is locked, the remaining sections on the custom flash drive can be used to store the user’s personal data.  

Data Encryption  

The handy usb drive bring us much convenience, while it is easy to lose in the carrying process,especially when a flash drive is loaded with sensitive information and get lost, it may cause a loss. As a result, we offer the password protect service to keep the data safe.

Printing Methods

Promomilia offers different methods of personalization for customized items based on your specified request.

Full Color Process

It is required for graphics with subtle gradients and blending, and widely used on the business card USB, it is also available on some other models.

Laser Engraving

This is an excellent option for metal surfaces and wooden usb drives. It is the most durable of all imprinting methods.

Hot Stamping/Debossing

It is notably applied to our leather shaped USB drives. This creates a high grade look.

Pad Printing

It can print graphics and images on irregular shaped object surface, and now becomes an important kind of special printing.For big logo on the pen model, we take pad printing.

How to send us your data

You can send your preload files via post (CD/DVD/USB) to:

5/F, Building #9, Niuguling Industrial Zone,
Bantian,Longgang District
Shenzhen, China, 518129
Tel: +86 755 - 2314 - 6126
Fax: +86 755- 2314 - 6129

Alternatively you can email us the data:

Please note that our inbound email size limit is 8MB - if your files exceed this size, you can send the data to us via a file sharing website.